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Consumers also serving game more often at home. As a free-range product, game is appearing increasingly often on our tables, both in restaurants and at home. Traditionally, eating game has always been associated with conviviality and refined cooking skills. In their role as culinary artists, restaurant chefs can enjoy applying their creativity to these versatile meats with their natural origins. Consumers, too, are tending to place game on their menus at home more often, particularly game products that require only a short preparation time. These are developments indicating that game is becoming more and more popular. And that is why developed this site.




Included in the concept of game are animals that inhabit open game reserves in which they may be hunted in accordance with legislation. The hunting season depends on the animal species. These pieces of legislation are established within each country; although they exhibit many similarities, there are major differences between them as well. Whilst one country forbids the hunting of a certain species, its neighbouring country may permit it. Trade is then generally permitted provided that the country of origin can be proven. In addition to wild game, some animal species are also raised for their meat. These animals are raised within enclosures that usually closely mimic the species’ natural habitat.

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