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The reason for developing

A select group of Dutch and Belgian game meat traders and the NBPW (the organisation promoting the interests of poulterers and game meat traders) established a joint venture by the name of® for the purpose of distributing extensive, easily accessible information about game meat to consumers, the press, government agencies and businesses. In other words, to anyone to wants to know anything about game meat.
To accomplish this, Wildplaza will be making use of its website ( as well as contacts with the press (press releases, parts of pages appearing in circulars) and contacts with consumers (events and retail outlets).

The website provides information about what game meat is (and what is not game meat) and product information about the various kinds of game meats and when they are available. The website also offers topical information: news from the sector and a calendar showing when wild game meat is available. And the website contributes to the enhancement of the image of the game meat sector by providing information about the supply chain (where the meat comes from and how it gets to the consumer) and about quality and food safety.

Intended especially for businesses and consumers, the website contains attractive, unique recipes. The website offers the opportunity for interaction by means submitting questions and having them answered in its list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). Also included are a search function on the website and a digital newsletter. In other words, a source of information for all your questions about game meat.