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Interesting game-related links and other game sector websites

Below are several handy game links if you want to find out more about game, the game sector, game restaurants and more.
Hotel Restaurant Gastronomique De Echoput in Hoog Soeren near Apeldoorn lies in the most beautiful game region of the Veluwe, near the Loo Palace. A unique gastronomic location for dining, sleeping, having meetings and going into the woods.
Hermker & Bekking has been concentrating on outdoor clothing for almost 20 years; (hiking) shoes, rubber boots, binoculars, telescopes and accessories for people who love the outdoors, hunters, hound fanciers, hikers, nature photographers and all others who simply enjoy outdoor life.
HVV is the interest group for hunting and hunters in Flanders and represents a large majority of Flemish hunters. is the website with everything for hunting! With over 1,500 links divided over 100 sections, topical hunting news and a hunting diary. offers an extensive collection of table linen for various occasions that can be used indoors or outdoors. This webshop also has a fine collection of kitchen textiles and accessories.
The Royal Dutch Hunting Association (KNJV) is an authority in the field of hunting, hounds and fauna management. It protects the interest of game management units and members. is a culinary forum where questions are asked and answered.
Editorial office for veterinary and food legislation.
The Poelier is a chicken, poultry and game specialist. On this website you can find many chicken recipes and chicken dishes, information about poulterers in the Netherlands and you can look for a poulterer in your neighbourhood.
Website of the Commodity Board for Poultry and Eggs and the Product Board for Livestock & Meat. This unique cooperation of the government and the business world focuses on a long-lasting continued reinforcement of the sector, in the field of policy and on an executory level.
Website with (explanations on) EU rules for live animals, live products and products of (non) animal origin.
On 1 January, the General Inspectorate (AID), Plant Protection Service (PD) and the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA) merged into the Dutch Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).
'Waidmannsheil' is the magazine for Dutch and Flemish hunters with an interest in big game and everything related.
The National Game Academy focuses on professional chefs, entrepreneurs from the fresh produce sector, amateur chefs, cooking enthusiasts, but also hunters and butchers, with several demonstrations, culinary workshops and cooking lessons.
An increasing number of people eats game. This website provides more information about eating and preparing game.
This website is for everyone who wants more information about game. The website has an informative function and provides information about what is game and what is not, product information about the various types of game and when they are available.
On you can find a variety of information about game, such as points of sale, general information about different types of animals and the step by step preparation of game. In short, this website provides game-based inspiration!
This website offers a handy overview of game recipes. Easy to prepare game recipes that also taste great.
This website is for everyone who wants to find out about game. It has an informative function; with information about what is game and what is not, product information about the various types of game and when they are available.
This site offers four articles about the preparation of game and everything related to game.