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Game calender


When is which game available?
Is this game offered fresh or frozen?
Is it genuine game, bred or a domestic variant?

The answers to these questions can be found in the overview and via links below that can be downloaded in PDF format:


Game availability calendar the Netherlands


TYPE OF ANIMAL Fresh   Origin      Wild game / bred game
Bison     USA, Canada bred
Blesblok     Africa free
Domestic pigeon all yearround   NL poultry
Wild pigeon all yearround   NL free
Domestic duck all yearround    NL, France, Hungary domestic
Wild duck 15 August -
31 January
  NL free
Pheasant hen 15 October -
31 December
  NL, Great Britain free
Pheasant cock 15 October -
31 January
  NL, Great Britain free
Elk     Sweden, Norway, Finland free
Domestic goose all yearround   Europe poultry
Wild goose With shooting licence due to agricultural damage   NL wild
Chamois     Europe wild
Hare 15 October -
31 December
  NL, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile wild
Wild fallow deer   with shooting license NL  wild
Domestic fallow deer all yearround    NL  bred W
Wild red deer 1 August -
15 February
with shooting license NL, New-Zealand, Europe wild
Domestic red deer all yearround   New-Zealand bred
Woodcock     Great-Britain wild 
Impala     Africa wild
Kangaroo     Australia wild
Kudu     South-Africa wild
Domestic rabbit all yearround   France, Poland, China  poultry 
Wild rabbit all yearround   Great-Britain, Chile, NL wild
Crocodile     Zimbabwe, Thailand, Zambia, Australia bred
Mouflon      NL  wild 
Musk Ox     Canada, Greenland wild
Red legged partridge     Scotland, England, Spain wild / bred
Partridge     Northern Europe wild
Rattlesnake     North America wild
Reebok 1 April -
31 August
with shooting
NL, Scotland, Poland wild
Roe 1 January -
31 March
with shooting license  NL, Scotland, Poland wild 
Reindeer     Scandinavia wild
Springbok     Africa wild
Ostrich      South-Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe  bred 
Boar  1 Augustus -
31 January
with shooting license Hongarry, Scotland, Poland wild 


Availability: Parts / meat of the above mentioned types of animals are available all yearround (frozen quality)
Wild: Animals that live in a free game reserve
Bred: Animals similar to those living in a free game reserve but fenced off
Poultry: Original domestic animals such as chicken, turkey, tame goose, domestic duck, quail and guinea fowl


Wildkalender/verkrijgbaarheidskalender Nederland (Wildcalender - Netherlands)

Wildkalender/verkrijgbaarheidskalender Vlaanderen (B)v (Wildcalender Vlaanderen - Belgium)